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The Podcasts

Act 1: The Daily Show- Banned Aid–Bush vetoes SCHIP
Act 2: Mike Malloy - Republicans Hate Children
Act 3: Rachel Maddow - Eight states sue Bush over SCHIP
Act 4: Randi Rhodes - Bush Declares Childrens Health Day, Vetos SCHIP 2 Days Later
Act 5: Rachel Maddow - Childrens Health Care, Luxury or Necessity?
Act 6: Sam Seder - Panel on SCHIP Veto (part1)
Act 7: Hardball -  Maddow Pwns Pat Buchanan on SCHIP
Act 8: Sam Seder - Panel on SCHIP Veto (part2)
Act 9: Associated Press - Veto Sustained
Act 10: Mike Malloy - Killing Our Own Kids

David Holmes - The Motherhood Soul Town
Shawn Colvin - Crazy
Ratatat - Lapland
Thom York - Black Swan
Common - The People (Instrumental)
David Holmes - Zippos
Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation
Dear Mr. President (ft. Indigo Girls) - Pink
Herz - Zool

Produced By:
Aasim & BillyBaptism

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