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The Podcasts

Act 1: Ring of Fire - Iraq Failures
Act 2: Patraeus Protests
Act 3: Daily Show - "Iraq me, Dave Petraeus"
Act 4: The Young Turks - How to Confront Petraeus
Act 5: Sam Seder - Ambassador "Crock-of"
Act 6: Eisenhower - The Last Good Republican President
Act 7: Bill Maher - Bush + Petraeus = Bullshit
Act 8: Rachel Maddow - Iraq Complications

Soldier Boy (live on "Jordan Jesse Go!") - Ashkon
It's bigger than Hip Hop (Instrumental) - Dead Prez
How Much is Enough? - Bad Religion
Instrumental - Chris Priest
Let Them Eat War - Bad Religion
Boneyards - Parkway Drive

Produced By:
Chris Priest

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