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Act 1: Friedman on "Drill baby, drill" - NPR Act 2: We Can Solve It ad not shown on ABC - CounterSpin Act 3: Friedman on taxing what we don't want - NPR Act 4: Life jackets issued to all Americans - The Onion Act 5: News of the warm - LeShow Act 6: The religious right on global warming - Point of Inquiry Act 7: Tom Freidman Interview - The Colbert Report Music: I saved the world today - The Eurhythmics The end of medicine - The New Pornographers This is the day - The The Nap hangs up the phone - Napoleon Dynamite Knock yourself out - Jon Brion Hey there Delilah - Plain White T's This Episode Produced By: Jay! Thanks for listening! Visit us at Contact me directly at Leave us comments at or Review the show on iTunes.
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