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Edition #278 Exorcising an electrical impulse Act 1: Religious jihad on George Tiller - Countdown Act 2: Threatdown on Christianity - Colbert Report Act 3: Are spiritual encounters all in your head? - NPR Act 4: Faith in God subjected to harsh questioning - The Onion Act 5: Not a uniquely Christian nation - Ring of Fire Act 6: Biblical traditional marriage - Betty Bowers Act 7: God unveils new species to replace humans - The Onion Act 8: Undercover at Liberty University - NPR Act 9: Confessions of an alien hunter - Colbert Report Act 10: Exorcism of a gay demon - The Young Turks Music: Steal my kisses - Ben Harper Runaway train - Soul Asylum One million miles - J. Ralph Santus II - Libera Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley Full force gale - Van Morrison Another love song - Finniston I would walk 500 miles - The Proclaimers Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel Burning love - Elvis Presley Produced by: Jay! Thanks for listening! Visit us at Contact me directly at Vote for us and leave comments at or Review the show on iTunes.
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