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Edition #331

Some take on banks while others lie to protect them


Act 1: Obama takes on bankers - Daily Show

Act 2: Moyers on greed - Moyers' Journal

Act 3: Economists being right isn't enough - Counterspin

Act 4: Eliot Spitzer - Colbert Report

Act 5: Hasty freeze on budget - Rachel Maddow

Act 6: Obama needs to tell a bank regulation story - Political Scene

Act 7: The gang of five - Slate Magazine

Act 8: Austan Goolsbee on the budget drop - Daily Show

Act 9: Leaked memo on lying to protect banks - Young Turks


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The Word - Manifest Density Economics - Colbert Report



Lost - Coldplay

Look what you've done - JET

Ain't that unusual - Goo Goo Dolls

Candy everybody wants - 10,000 Maniacs

Sleeping in - The Postal Service

Story of a lonely guy - Blink 182

Cut it out - Anya Marina

Rescue me - Fontella Bass


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