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Edition #332

The Futility of Leaning Right


Act 1: Obama crushes house GOP - Young Turks

Act 2: Doris Kearns Goodwin on weak Dems - Daily Show

Act 3: Change terrifies conservatives - Ring of Fire

Act 4: Obama nails Rep and Cenk debunks lies - Young Turks

Act 5: The word Siren Song - Colbert Report

Act 6: Killing the filibuster - Rachel Maddow

Act 7: Polls show GOP are nuts - Young Turks

Act 8: Introducing the Dem Opossum - Daily Show


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Political Shift in D.C. - How to succeed



Walk on the wild side - Lou Reed

Messages - Xavier Rudd

Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash

The right thing to do - Carly Simon

Naive - The Kooks

Once around the block - Badly Drawn Boy

I can't - Ben Sollee


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