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Edition #343

Religious cults, the Christian Right and evangelists, evil and not


Act 1: Are religious cults killing democracy - Thom Hartmann

Act 2: Why are some Christians mad over Avatar - Young Turks

Act 3: Bait and switch evangelism - This American Life

Act 4: Max Blumenthal on Republican Gomorrah Part 1 - Ring of Fire

Act 5: Glen Beck against 'social justice' in religion - Media Matters

Act 6: Max Blumenthal on Republican Gomorrah Part 2 - Ring of Fire

Act 7: Pat Robertson on Haiti's pact with the devil - Counterspin

Act 8: Pat Robertson says Islam is not a religion - Young Turks


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Evangelist explains "23 Minutes in Hell" to Thom - Thom Hartmann



Hello bonjour - Michael Franti And Spearhead

In God's country - U2

Knockin' on heaven's door - Guns N' Roses

Lacrymosa - Libera

Mary Mary - Chumbawamba

Shattered faith - Bad Religion


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