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Edition #354
Toxic assets from Wall St to West Virginia

Act 1: Lifestyles of the rich and despicable - Wait wait don't tell me
Act 2: We bought a toxic asset so you can watch it die - NPR
Act 3: Michael Lewis - The Big Short - Daily Show
Act 4: Joeseph Stiglitz on the economic freefall Part 1 - Ring of Fire
Act 5: Is 2010 going to be 1994 or 1934 -
Act 6: Joeseph Stiglitz on the economic freefall Part 2 - Ring of Fire
Act 7: No one would listen - Daily Show
Act 8: WV Mine blast conservatives fault - Young Turks

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The Robin Hood Tax - A Good Idea -

So long - Lodger
Toxicity - System of a Down
I second that emotion - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
The gambler - Kenny Rogers
Dreamtime - Uberzone
Falling down - Oasis
Lights out - Santigold

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