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Edition #356
Don't believe in any form of sorcery 

Act 1: Man faces execution for sorcery - Young Turks
Act 2: Passover seder half-assed - The Onion
Act 3: Jesus, Reconsidered - NPR
Act 4: Student forced out of school over gay parents - Young Turks
Act 5: Corruption in the Catholic Church - Bill Maher
Act 6: Indian rationalist battles swamis and babas - Young Turks
Act 7: Desire to ejaculate motivates local Christian to wed - The Onion
Act 8: Study narrows gap between mind and brain - NPR
Act 9: Liberals and atheists smarter than conservatives and the religious - Young Turks
Act 10: The need for more warm, cuddly atheists - Citizen Radio

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The Word - Forgive and Forget Church scandal

Porcelain - Moby
I've gotta be me - Sammy Davis, Jr.
Ebudae - Enya
Early in the morning - Peter, Paul And Mary
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - The Smiths
Shattered faith - Bad Religion
Like a virgin - Madonna
New soul - Yael Naïm
Halo - Beyoncé

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