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Edition #356
Yeah, I'm conflating the tea parties with the militia movement

Act 1: Armed march on almost Washington - Rachel Maddow
Act 2: The history of April 19th and 20th - On the Media
Act 3: On the road with the Tea Party Express - Daily Show
Act 4: Echos of Oklahoma City - Rachel Maddow
Act 5: How the FBI arrested a militia - NPR
Act 6: FBI investigates tea party threats - Young Turks
Act 7: Interview with a teabagger - Le Show
Act 8: The un-tea party - Rachel Maddow
Act 9: Tea America - Daily Show

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At a tea party with a no medicare pledge - Thom Hartmann

1901 - Phoenix
Spring Came, Rain Fell - Club 8
Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind - The Lovin' Spoonful
We shall overcome - Pete Seeger
Let's work together - Canned Heat
Smokin from shootin - My Morning Jacket
Spaceman - The Office, BBC
Unbirthday song - Camarata Chorus and Orchestra

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