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Edition #360
For the sake of dinosaur squeezings

Act 1: Dinosaur squeezings – Mark Fiore
Act 2: Conversation with Joe Romm – Countdown
Act 3: One final taste of oysters – Young Turks
Act 4: Wind farm vs. oil spill – Colbert Report
Act 5: Discussion of oil spill – Ring of Fire
Act 6: BP oil spill – The Progressive
Act 7: George Will lies on wind vs. oil spill – Jimmy Dore
Act 8: Beyond Awful – Daily Show
Act 9: Right wing conspiracy – Media Matters
Act 10: Spill kills Obama energy bill – Young Turks
Act 11: Politics of the spill – Countdown
Act 12: GOP, Haliburton and the spill – Le Show
Act 13: Claiming drilling is safe – Media Matters
Act 14: Drill baby, drill – Colbert Report
Act 15: Lessons learned from Exxon Valdez – Young Turks
Act 16: No second thoughts – The Progressive
Act 17: Maddow’s final comments – Rachel Maddow

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:
BP’s Undersea Dome – Colbert Report

Daydream – The Lovin’ Spoonful
Good day sunshine – The Beatles
Hold it in – Jukebox The Ghost
Beach song – The Dead Milkmen
Black water – Doobie Brothers
Into the ocean – Blue October
Take a look around – Limp Bizkit
La Valse d’Amélie – Yann Tiersen
Take a chance – The Magic Numbers
Deep water – Pansy Division
Le Moulin – Yann Tiersen
Lessons learned – Matt & Kim
Don’t trust me – 3OH!3

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