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Edition #362
Winning by losing

Act 1: Winning by losing - Mark Fiore
Song 1: I'm a loser - The Beatles
Act 2: Minority leader called out - Young Turks
Song 2: Birdhouse in your soul - They Might be Giants
Act 3: The inside job Part 1 - This American Life
Song 3: Cat faces - Ugly Casanova
Act 4: Fraud hearing on shitty deals - Wait wait don't tell me
Song 4: Working class hero - Green Day
Act 5: The inside job Part 2 - This American Life
Song 5: Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms
Act 6: The GOP alternative to financial reform - Young Turks
Song 6: Damn it feels good to be a gangsta - Geto Boys
Act 7: The inside job Part 3 - This American Life
Song 7: Bet Against the American Dream - This American Life
Act 8: Wham-O moves to America - Daily Show
Song 8: Wake up - Arcade Fire
Act 9: GOP up Wall Street's ass - Young Turks

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S.E.C. porn - Daily Show

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