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Edition #365
Valid and moronic arguments against Kagan

Act 1: Hang on Stevens - The Al Franken Show
Act 2: History of Supreme Court fights - Rachel Maddow
Song 2: A Quai - Yann Tiersen
Act 3: Nomination predictions - Media Matters
Song 3: A Quai - Yann Tiersen
Act 4: Release the Kagan - Daily Show
Song 4: The great estates - Freelance Whales
Act 5: Kagan a bad pick by Obama - Young Turks
Song 5: Somebody Already Broke My Heart - Sade
Act 6: Swing and a miss - Countdown
Song 6: Gone to sleep - Moby
Act 7: Kagan the consensus builder - Rachel Maddow
Song 7: Les Jours Tristes - Yann Tiersen
Act 8: Kagan and the military recruiters - Media Matters
Song 8: Les Jours Tristes - Yann Tiersen
Act 9: Kagan worship with Dahlia Lithwick - Colbert Report
Song 9: No questions - Fleetwood Mac
Act 10: Hypocrisy on Kagan - Rachel Maddow
Song 10: La Dispute - Yann Tiersen
Act 11: Kagan a leftist activist - Media Matters
Song 11: La Dispute - Yann Tiersen
Act 12: Conservatives pretend Kagan is gay - Young Turks
Song 12: Take Five - Dave Brubeck
Act 13: Comparison to H. Meyers nomination - Rachel Maddow

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Confirming Elena - Colbert Report

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