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Edition #369
Out of the mouths of infant-minded adults

Act 1: Napoleon blown apart - Colbert Report
Song 1: Loser - Three doors down
Act 2: Tax Day Tea Party Part 1 - New Left Media
Song 2: Unwell - Matchbox Twenty
Act 3: Blogger want Obama assassinated - Young Turks
Song 3: Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love - They might be giants
Act 4: Tax Day Tea Party Part 2 - New Left Media
Song 4: Drums of freedom - Theo Bard
Act 5: Maddow on McVeigh tapes - Daily Show
Song 5: See the sun - Dido
Act 6: Tax Day Tea Party Part 3 - New Left Media
Song 6: Little miss can't be wrong - Spin Doctors
Act 7: Anti-govt militia movement growing - Young Turks
Song 7: Yell fire - Michael Franti And Spearhead
Act 8: Tax Day Tea Party Part 4 - New Left Media
Song 8: Struggle - Ringside
Act 9: Rand Paul follow up - Rachel Maddow
Song 9: Bulletproof - La Roux
Act 10: Tax Day Tea Party Part 5 - New Left Media
Song 10: Take me home tonight - Eddie Money
Act 11: Tea Party PSA from D.C. Douglas - Funny or Die
Song 11: John Adams theme song - HBO
Act 12: Tax Day Tea Party Part 6 - New Left Media
Song 12: Brain damage - Pink Floyd
Act 13: Giving up the empire - Bill Maher

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P.K. Winsome - Tea Party Consulting - Colbert Report

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