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Edition #374
We're all covered in oil

Act 1: The Spilling Fields - Daily Show
Song 1: Sweet Georgia Brown - Brother Bones and His Shadows
Act 2: Oil and energy policy - Rachel Maddow
Song 2: Talk - Coldplay
Act 3: Obama's non-anger - Wait wait don't tell me
Song 3: Talking to myself - Pummel
Act 4: Booming rant - Le Show
Song 4: Boom - Le Show
Act 5: Profits drive corner-cutting - Counterspin
Song 5: This year - The Mountain Goats
Act 6: Interview with Republican on oil - Jimmy Dore Show
Song 6: Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours  - The Smiths
Act 7: BP should go under - The Progressive
Song 7: Shady River - The Chapin Sisters
Act 8: Talking about oil - Bill Maher
Song 8: Electric Version - The New Pornographers
Act 9: BP's media blockade - On the Media
Song 9: Clubbed to Death - Rob Dougan
Act 10: BP blocks reporter - Young Turks
Song 10: Einstein On The Beach - Counting Crows
Act 11: Obama's kick-ass PR skills - BBC News Quiz
Song 11: Common people - William Shatner featuring Joe Jackson
Act 12: Test of functioning media and politics - Rachel Maddow
Song 12: A change is gonna come - Ben Sollee
Act 13: Who's really covered in oil - Le Show

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Oils well that never ends - Colbert Report

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