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Edition #377
Yet another oil spill show

Act 1: Crude and Unusual - Colbert Report
Song 1: White flag - Dido
Act 2: BP RIP - Rachel Maddow
Song 2: Addicted to oil - Le Show
Act 3: The gall of BP's Tony Hayward - The Progressive
Song 3: Back in the high life again - Steve Winwood
Act 4: Hayward's apology from BP - Le Show
Song 4: Hard to say I'm sorry - Chicago
Act 5: GOP wants you to pay for the spill - Young Turks
Song 5: Rude awakening - Ed Robinson
Act 6: Strike it mucky - The Bugle
Song 6: Not sorry - The Cranberries
Act 7: Philippe Cousteau interview - Bill Maher
Song 7: Liquid Sun - The Beginning (A New Hope) (club mix) - DJ Keoki
Act 8: Dead, dying and headless carcases - Countdown
Song 8: Black water - The Doobie Brothers
Act 9: The Petro science dude - Le Show
Song 9: I Am a Paleontologist - They Might Be Giants and Danny Weinkauf
Act 10: Comparing ACORN with BP - Rachel Maddow

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America's Strained Relationship With England - Colbert Report

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