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Edition #378
Media is weak and getting weaker

Act 1: Press you're stuck - Daily Show
Song 1: Termite circus - Monkey Island 4
Act 2: Goodbye to Helen Thomas - On the Media
Song 2: Custom BotL promo instrumental - Chris Priest
Act 3: Michael Copps on Net Neutrality Part 1 - Bill Moyers Journal
Song 3: Loose ends - Imogen Heap
Act 4: Beck airs Israeli raid footage - Daily Show
Song 4: Timeless - Kate Havnevik
Act 5: Michael Copps on Net Neutrality Part 2 - Bill Moyers Journal
Song 5: Future is now - Dune
Act 6: David Gregory on rights to a lawyer - Jimmy Dore Show
Song 6: Nuevo Marrow - Grim Fandango Soundtrack
Act 7: Impossibility of reporting on financial reform - On the Media
Song 7: Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Act 8: Obama is God's punishment - Young Turks
Song 8: Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra
Act 9: Bush-like missteps - Daily Show

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