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Edition #400

So much for don't be evil


Act 1: So much for 'don't be evil' - Wait wait don't tell me

Song 1: Blueprint - Arkells

Act 2: Internet Exploiter - Daily Show

Song 2: Once around the block - Badly Drawn Boy

Act 3: Google and Verizon on net neutrality - Countdown

Song 3: Resurrection (space club mix) - PPK

Act 4: Peter and the Wolf meets net neutrality - On the Media

Song 4: Peter and the wolf - Prokofiev

Act 5: Area man consults the Internet - The Onion

Song 5: Wait so long - Trampled by Turtles

Act 6: Google and Verizon have a deal - Young Turks

Song 6: Jenny don't be hasty - Paolo Nutini

Act 7: Net neutrality and the Google-Verizon deal - Thom Hartmann

Song 7: Solid action - The Wes Hollywood Show

Act 8: Internet outage plunges nation into productivity - The Onion

Song 8: The Office UK - Outro #1 - Big George Webley

Act 9: Net neutrality - Countdown

Song 9: The middle - Jimmy Eat World

Act 10: Electronic frontier foundation - Colbert Report

Song 9: Cat faces - Ugly Casanova

Act 10: Cenk's rant on net neutrality - Dylan Ratigan Show


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At what point have we lost liberty because we lost privacy? - Thom Hartmann


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