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Edition #417

Lunatics on the right, broken system, support the fighters 


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Act 1: Stop whining – Wait wait don’t tell me
Song 1: Listen – Listen Carefully E.P
Act 2: GOP candidates looking to kill social security – Rachel Maddow
Song 2: Say It to Me Now – Once (Music from the Motion Picture)
Act 3: American Corruptistan – Jim Hightower
Song 3: Messages – Food In the Belly
Act 4: Who’s buying the US elections – Young Turks
Song 4: I Paid for the Party – The Best of Loma Records – The Rise and Fall of a 1960′s Soul Label
Act 5: (C) Spot run – Daily Show
Song 5: Follow You Follow Me – Turn It On Again – The Hits
Act 6: Democrats getting out politicked – Jimmy Dore Show
Song 6: When I Come Around – Dookie
Act 7: Late for Obama to turn left – The Progressive
Song 7: Inspiration – ¡Volare! – The Very Best of the Gipsy Kings
Act 8: Right Club – Daily Show
Song 8: That Thing You Do! (Live At the Hollywood TV Showcase) – That Thing You Do! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Act 9: Dems on offense – Rachel Maddow
Song 9: Wait Up (Boots of Danger) – Champ
Act 10: Help progressives win in 2010 – Young Turks


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Wait wait don’t tell me
Rachel Maddow
Jim Hightower
The Young Turks
Daily Show
Jimmy Dore Show
The Progressive
Colbert Report


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