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Edition #418

Math has a well known liberal bias


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Act 1: Foreclosure Crisis – Daily Show
Song 1: Razon Wire – Chris Priest
Act 2: TARP sequels coming – Young Turks
Song 2: Big Mistake – Fair Ain’t Fair
Act 3: Crooked lending practices – Le Show
Song 3: Lake Michigan – Asleep At Heaven’s Gate
Act 4: Mortgage bankers assn. – Daily Show
Song 4: Hang On Sloopy – Hang On Sloopy – The Best of the McCoys
Act 5: Top 20% have too much money – Young Turks
Song 5: Animal – Miike Snow
Act 6: Tax Shelter Skelter – Colbert Report
Song 6: Gray or Blue – Sea Green, See Blue. – EP
Act 7: The return of debtors’ prisons – The Progressive
Song 7: Rows of Homes – The Western States Motel
Act 8: Austan Goolsbee – Colbert Report
Song 8: Bloodstream – Stateless
Act 9: Dems at war with corporate interests – Young Turks
Song 9: Dance Music – The Sunset Tree
Act 10: Arizona family chooses to live in the middle – NPR
Song 10: Keepsake – Weeds (Music from the Series, Vol. 3)
Act 11: Fox News guest rips ‘liberal math’ – Young Turks


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Arianna Huffington – Daily Show


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