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Edition #419

The asylum is holding elections, don't let the inmates be the only voters


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Act 1: Tea party coloring book Colbert Report
Song 1: Poem to a horse – Shakira
Act 2: GOP busted on talking points – Young Turks
Song 2: Playing your part – Emotional Violence
Act 3: Elitist nonsense –
Song 3: Razor Wire (Instrumental) – Chris Priest
Act 4: Indecision 2010 – unforced errors edition – Daily Show
Song 4: Eyes – Rogue Wave
Act 5: Demint Gov shut down – Rachel Maddow
Song 5: Stand by me – Pennywise
Act 6: Tea party and the Koch bros – Ring of Fire
Song 6: Sit and listen – Malibu Knights
Act 7: Rich Iott wears a Nazi uniform – Colbert Report
Song 7: Close to me – The Cure
Act 8: Voters want to know who funds ads – NPR
Song 8: Information Travels Faster – Death Cab For Cutie
Act 9: Time to fight for strong progressives – Young Turks


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Indecision 2010 – Revenge of the Fallen – – Colbert Report


Colbert Report
The Young Turks
Daily Show
Rachel Maddow
Ring of Fire

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