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Edition #420

End Nixon's war on drugs


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Act 1: Cenk’s Take to end the war on Drugs – MSNBC
Song 1: Gangsta’s Paradise – Rhino Hi-Five: Coolio – EP
Act 2: Terror, drugs, poverty redouble efforts – The Onion
Song 2: Cameras – Cameras – Single
Act 3: Update on the drug war – Rachel Maddow
Song 3: I Wanna Be Sedated – Road to Ruin (Expanded & Remastered)
Act 4: Beer industry vs Marijuana legalization – Young Turks
Song 4: Havana – Garageband jingle
Act 5: Gang Busters, John Burrnett – Colbert Report
Song 5: Mexico – James Taylor: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
Act 6: Oakland goes pot – Jim Hightower
Song 6: Recycled Air – Give Up
Act 7: Desperate drug addict driven to get a job – The Onion
Song 7: Tragic Kingdom – Tragic Kingdom
Act 8: Why pot should be legal – Young Turks
Song 8: Same song twice – Sublime
Act 9: Prop 19, Joesph Califano and Gary Johnson – Colbert Report
Song 9: A Rush of Blood to the Head – A Rush of Blood to the Head
Act 10: Could regulating/taxing pot save states budgets – Thom Hartmann
Song 10: Dreaming My Dreams – No Need to Argue
Act 11: Model-train hobby becomes model-train habbit – The Onion
Song 11: Peace Train – Footsteps In the Light
Act 12: How the war on drugs started – Young Turks


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Police Capture Nation’s Largest Crystal Meth Kingpin – The Onion



The Onion
Rachel Maddow
The Young Turks
Colbert Report
Jim Hightower
Thom Hartmann


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