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Edition #423

Worshiping a false idol


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Act 1: Chilean miners saved by democracy – Counterspin
Song 1: Hero of the Day – Load
Act 2: Bizarre worship of the free market – The Progressive
Song 2: Shattered Faith – Punk-O-Rama 8
Act 3: Shocking facts on US poverty – Young Turks
Song 3: Buildings & Mountains – Keep Color
Act 4: GOP killing jobs – Rachel Maddow
Song 4: All for You – Sister Hazel
Act 5: Robert Reich interview – Colbert Report
Song 5: If I Ever Feel Better – United
Act 6: Workers need to take a pay cut – Counterspin
Song 6: What I’m Looking For (Ad Version) – What I’m Looking For (Ad Version) – Single
Act 7: Companies buying stocks, not employees – Young Turks
Song 7: Leaving On a Jet Plane – Have a Ball
Act 8: Housing guy apologizes for housing bubble – NPR
Song 8: Let Me Fall (From “Cirque du Soleil”) – Josh Groban
Act 9: The Chamber on outsourcing jobs – Rachel Maddow
Song 9: Easy – Born On Flag Day
Act 10: What to do about the Bush tax cuts – Counterspin
Song 10: 12:51 – 12:51 – Single
Act 11: Proof the Bush tax cuts failed miserably – Young Turks


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Poor Single Mother With Lots Of Credit Cards. (It’s Not What You Think.) – NPR


The Progressive
The Young Turks
Rachel Maddow
Colbert Report


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