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Repost from June 15th, 2006 

Fill in Incredibly Clever Title About the Media Here


Act 1: The Gay Reformation – The Majority Report
Song 1: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – Sunshine On Leith
Act 2: Oreilly’s Worst Lie? – Keith Olbermann
Song 2: Generic patriotic music
Act 3: Warning to Democrats – CounterSpin
Song 3: Peace of Mind – Popular Music That Will Live Forever – EP
Act 4: Ann Coulter on Today – The Young Turks
Song 4: Solsbury Hill – Vanilla Sky (Music from the Motion Picture)
Act 5: Media Monopoly – Ring Of Fire
Song 5: The Passenger – Lust for Life
Act 6: Judgment Day – Kieth Olbermann
Song 6: New Slang – Garden State (Music from the Motion Picture)
Act 7: Rita Cosby and the bikini strangler Part 1 – Young Turks
Song 7: Generic bumper music
Act 8: Insert chapter title here – Wait wait don’t tell me
Song 8: Let Go – Details
Act 9: Rita Cosby and the bikini strangler Part 2 – Young Turks


The Majority Report
The Young Turks
Ring of Fire
Wait wait don’t tell me


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