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Edition #441

The dark side of the penal system start to finish


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Act 1: FBI identifying political protesters as terrorists – The Progressive
Song 1: Hurry Up Let’s Go – Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
Act 2: 14 year-old girl tased by cops – Young Turks
Song 2: Electric Feel – Oracular Spectacular
Act 3: Current Events – Colbert Report
Song 3: Man Up – Yes Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Act 4: 72 year-old grandmother tased by cops – Young Turks
Song 4: Evil Urges – My Morning Jacket
Act 5: Digby on tazers and their consequences – Citizen Radio
Song 5: This Year – The Sunset Tree
Act 6: Stoned, underage, drunk driver calls America a fascist police state – The Onion
Song 6: I Want to Break Free – The Platinum Collection
Act 7: Privatized prisons lobby to imprison more people – Thom Hartmann
Song 7: Butterfly – The Gift of Game
Act 8: Toxic people – Slate Magazine
Song 8: The Czar of Munster – When Juniper Sleeps
Act 9: Out of Georgia – Mumia Abu Jamal
Song 9: Headlock – Speak for Yourself
Act 10: Texas may declare death penalty unconstitutional – Young Turks
Song 10: My wife left me for a guy named Jesus – Paul Dinello on Exit 57
Act 11: Texas Justice – Rachel Maddow


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The Pain ray – Rachel Maddow


The Progressive
The Young Turks
The Colbert Report
Citizen Radio
The Onion
Thom Hartmann
Slate Magazine
Mumia Abu Jamal Radio Diaries
Rachel Maddow


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