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Edition #442

They are legion, etc


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Act 1: News on Anonymous Operation: Payback – Countdown
Song 1: I Want You – Savage Garden
Act 2: Anonymous back up wikileaks – On the Media
Song 2: Little Lion Man – Sigh No More
Act 3: WW 3.0 Omar Wason on cyber war – Colbert Report
Song 3: Gone – On and On
Act 4: Are the Anonymous attacks civil disobedience? – On the Media
Song 4: Natural Blues – Play & Play: B Sides
Act 5: Intro to interview with Anonymous – Citizen Radio
Song 5: Legion – Empires
Act 6: Operation: Payback message – Anonymous
Song 6: Eclipse – Welcome to Earth
Act 7: Interview with Anonymous spokesman – Citizen Radio


Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:
A Letter from Anonymous – Anonymous


On the Media
The Colbert Report
Citizen Radio

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