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Edition #446

Comedy of errors out of the gate


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Act 1: GOP takes over – Wait wait don’t tell me
Song 1: Read It & Weep – Lucky You
Act 2: House oversight committee – Colbert Report
Song 2: What I’m Looking For (Ad Version) – What I’m Looking For (Ad Version) – Single
Act 3: Dumb new congress – Rachel Maddow
Song 3: Broken Chair – Land of Sea
Act 4: Read it and weep –
Song 4: We’re Simple Minds – Spring Came, Rain Fell
Act 5: What you will and wont find in the constitution – Liberal Oasis
Song 5: Figure It Out – It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
Act 6: GOP house takeover, the hypocrisy begins – Young Turks
Song 6: Gone Going – Monkey Business
Act 7: Earmarks, Schmearmarks – Jim Hightower
Song 7: Dirty Job – Once Again
Act 8: The correct way to ridicule Boehner – Citizen Radio
Song 8: Gorel – Babba Maal
Act 9: Boehner guilty of violent talk too – Counterspin
Song 9:In the Aeroplane Over the Sea – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Act 10: GOP attacks health care, helps Dems – Rachel Maddow


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Great Gaffesby – Daily Show


Wait wait don’t tell me
Colbert Report
Rachel Maddow
Liberal Oasis Radio
The Young Turks
Jim Hightower
Citizen Radio
The Daily Show


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