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Edition #447

The Hammer and the Gavel Part 2


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Act 1: The Hammer has fallen – Rachel Maddow
Act 2: Delay – In his own words
Act 3: The Delay Litany – Al Franken
Act 4: Delay – In his own words
Act 5: Memorable moments – The Young Turks
Act 6: Delay – In his own words
Act 7: I’m just a bug man – Slate Podcast
Act 8: Delay – In his own words
Act 9: Good Riddance – Jack Cafferty

Song 9: Future Is Now – Dune
Act 10: Verdict is in – Young Turks
Song 10: Tonight I Have to Leave It – Our Ill Wills
Act 11: Commenting on Tom Delay – It’s all politics
Song 11: The Office UK – Outro #2 – The Office UK Theme Music
Act 12: Story behind the conviction – Jim Hightower
Song 12: Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye – 60′s Gold
Act 13: Sam announces the sentence – Majority Report
Song 13: Cigarette Smoker Fiona – Who the F*** Are Arctic Monkeys? – EP
Act 14: Allison announces the sentence – Citizen Radio
Song 14: Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol: Greatest Hits
Act 15: Cocky Delay gets three years – Jim Hightower
Song 15: Behind Bars – Baga Tricks
Act 16: Liberals to blame for the conviction – Countdown
Song 16: Montaña – Love & Liberte
Act 17: 3 years prison for Tom Delay – Young Turks


Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:
The Big Buy Tom Delay’s Stolen Congress – Brave New Films


Rachel Maddow
The Al Franken Show
The Young Turks
It’s all politics
Jim Hightower
The Majority Report
Citizen Radio
Brave New Films


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