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Edition #450

When the cluelesss are in control


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Act 1: Noise pollution – Colbert Report
Song 1: Peace and quiet – The Rifles
Act 2: Obama’s green investment – Ring of Fire
Song 2: Grown Ups – Suspened Animation
Act 3: EPA revokes a permit for MTR coal mine – Jim Hightower
Song 3: Rivers and Roads – The Head and the Heart
Act 4: Labor Dept. asks court to close coal mine – NPR
Song 4: The fiddler’s ballad – Jen Osha w/Wolf Creek Session
Act 5: Obama weakness spreads to one bright spot in EPA – Young Turks
Song 5: Not Ready to Make Nice – Taking the Long Way
Act 6: 2010 the hottest year on record – Green News Report
Song 6: Hot Hot Hot!!! – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Act 7: Republicans deny climate change – The New Yorker
Song 7: Idiots have taken over – NOFX
Act 8: The commons of the climate – Thom Hartmann
Song 8: These Days – Chelsea Girl
Act 9: The dilemma of peak oil – Radio Ecoshock


Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:
Save the Planet or Die Trying – Thom Hartmann


Colbert Report
Ring of Fire
Jim Hightower
The Young Turks
The Green News Report by
The New Yorker
Thom Hartmann
Radio Ecoshock



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