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Edition #452

Gabrielle Giffords Shooting Part 2


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Act 1: Jon’s reaction to the AZ shooting – Daily Show
Song 1: A Beautiful World – The Good Life – EP
Act 2: Carefully stating the obvious – On the Media
Song 2: Cordell (Box Set Bonus Track) – To the Faithful Departed (The Complete Sessions 1996-1997)
Act 3: Sarah Palin and the shooting – Wait wait don’t tell me
Song 3: Welcome to the Black Parade – Strung Out – The String Quartet Tribute to Alternative Rock Hits, Vol. 3
Act 4: Palin: criticism of violent rhetoric leads to violence – Media Matters
Act 5: Palin plays the victim – The Progressive
Song 5: Save Tonight – Desireless
Act 6: Sarah Palin’s speech about the shooting – Jimmy Dore Show
Song 6: American Music – Permanent Record: The Very Best of the Violent Femmes
Act 7: Obama at the Tucson memorial
Song 7: Expectations – Tigermilk
Act 8: Obama’s wise and poignant speech – The Progressive
Song 8: Listen to Your Heart – Look Sharp!
Act 9: Hitler’s inspiring Tucson memorial speech – Colbert Report
Song 9: If I Ever Lose My Faith in You – The Very Best of Sting & The Police
Act 10: Beautiful noise –
Song 9: The Silvery Light of a Dream Pt. 2 – Tone Soul Evolution
Act 10: There was another gun – Rachel Maddow
Song 9: Fantasy – Miss Halfway
Act 10: Moron on the AZ shooting – Jimmy Dore Show
Song 9: Common Sense – Deconstruction
Act 10: Special comment on the 9 days since Tucson – Countdown


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Glenn Beck Anti-Violence Pledge – Media Matters


The Daily Show
On the Media
Wait wait don’t tell me!
Media Matters
The Progressive
Jimmy Dore Show
Colbert Report
Rachel Maddow


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