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Edition #453

The unfinished story of filibuster reform


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Act 1: Recap of Dems for filibuster reform – Rachel Maddow
Song 1: Clocks – The String Quartet Tribute to Coldplay
Act 2: How to bust the filibuster – The Breakdown
Song 2: Trains to Brazil – Through the Windowpane (Bonus Track Version)
Act 3: Filibusters and the judiciary – Majority Report
Song 3: Let’s Dance to Joy Division – A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation
Act 4: Delaying reform – Countdown
Song 4: Get Up Stand Up – Legend (Remastered) [Bonus Tracks]
Act 5: One looong day – Rachel Maddow
Song 5: Civil War – Guns N’ Roses: Greatest Hits
Act 6: History of the filibuster – Countdown
Song 6: The Importance of Being Idle – Time Flies… 1994-2009
Act 7: Reforming the filibuster – The Political Scene
Song 7: I’m Not Over – Coming to Terms
Act 8: Why it didn’t work – Rachel Maddow


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Working toward reform – Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow
The Breakdown
The Majority Report
The Political Scene



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