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Edition #468

Wisconsin state workers protest Part 3


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Act 1: Bust in Show - Colbert Report

Song 1: Come undone - Duran Duran

Act 2: The Wisconsin nuclear option - Rachel Maddow

Song 2: You've lost that lovin' feeling - Everly Brothers

Act 3: Wis GOP show their true colors of the black-shirts - The Progressive

Song 3: Naked as we came - Iron & Wine

Act 4: High schooler crushes Fox News on Wis protests - Young Turks

Song 4: Everything in it's right place - Radiohead

Act 5: Trumka going against the media grain - Counterspin

Song 5: No questions asked - Fleetwood Mac

Act 6: Michael Moore speech to Wis protesters

Song 6: Rhythm of my heart - Rod Stewart

Act 7: Scott Walker messes with people's lives - The Progressive

Song 7: Lives in the balance - Jackson Browne

Act 8: Effort to recall GOP state reps - Young Turks

Song 8: The chance I deserve - Club 8

Act 9: No surprise, identically-written anti-union bills popping up everywhere - David Pakman

Song 9: I can help - Billy Swan

Act 10: Evil people have plans - Lee Camp

Song 10: Little Lion Man - Piano Tribute Players

Act 11: The many vs the few - Rachel Maddow



Supportive of Mumia - Lara from outside of Philly

Not supportive of Mumia - Carl Feldman from Cincinnati, OH

Supporting Abu-Jamal - Darryl from CA

Thoughts on Mumia - Jim in Dubai

Comparing defense of a cop-killer to abortion clinic protesters - Policeman Jeff from Florida

The right tries to get people to just emote rather than think - Pamela from Virginia

Reaction to liberal police officer - Linda from SoCal


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Ghostwriter - Rjd2


Final comments about nothing at all


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Crisis in Dairyland - Apocalypse Cow - Daily Show


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Jay! Tomlinson


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