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Edition #475

The GlennPocalypse

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Act 1: When reporters attack - Daily Show

Song 1: Hotel California - Gipsy Kings

Act 2: Channeled rage - Colbert Report

Song 2: Sleep through the static - Jack Johnson

Act 3: Three little pigs and terrorist sympathizer - Media Matters

Song 3: Sleep through the static - Jack Johnson

Act 4: Beck say Obama sympathizes with terrorists - MSNBC

Song 4: Wait Till You See My Smile - Alicia Keys

Act 5: Bill Sammon admits Obama socialism link was a lie - David Pakman

Song 5: Drops of Jupiter - Train

Act 6: God sending a message with the Japan earthquake - Media Matters

Act 7: MSNBC is the anti-God network - MSNBC

Song 7: White blank page - Mumford & Sons

Act 8: James OKeef asks for donations - Colbert Report

Song 8: Ain't too proud to beg - Temptations

Act 9: Concurrence roundtable - The Onion

Song 9: Handsome Devil - The Smiths

Act 10: NBC reports on it's parent company (sort of) - Counterspin

Song 10: Viva la Vida - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 11: Now that sounds crazy, but life is crazy - Media Matters

Act 12: Cenk fires back at Rush Limbaugh - MSNBC

Song 12: My name is Jonas - Weezer

Act 13: FCC fines news stations for running VNR propaganda as news - David Pakman

Song 13: Bohemian Rhapsody - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 14: After 1 million lost viewers and 300 advertisers Beck calls it quits - Media Matters

Act 15: Why Glenn Beck is leaving Fox News - Young Turks

Song 15: Fade to black - Apocalyptica

Act 16: You'll all be very sorry - Media Matters

Act 17: The GlennPocalypse - Colbert Report


Comment about naming of membership levels - Paul from NY

Why he just became a member - Shawn from Miami, FL

Tax awareness call to action - Vikki from HI

Reaction to Jimmy Dore segment on Libya - Michael From Glenn Bernie

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on the YouTube video version of the show

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Family Matters - Daily Show

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Jay! Tomlinson

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