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Edition #479

Unsettling settlements

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Act 1: Operation Overreaction - Mark Fiore

Song 1: Overreacting - Brad Sucks

Act 2: Two Jews debate Israel policy - On the Media

Song 2: Circles - Soul Coughing

Act 3: Meet Pray Love - Daily Show

Song 3: Broken chair - Chris and Thomas

Act 4: Obama caves on settlements - The Progressive

Song 4: Turn this boat around - Matt & Kim

Act 5: Hamas signal they will accept peace deal for 1967 borders - Young Turks

Song 5: Accept yourself - The Smiths

Act 6: Bieber to solve the Israel/Palestine conflict - The Bugle

Song 6: Baby (Acoustic Version) - Justin Bieber

Act 7: Escalations begin when Israel says they do - Counterspin

Song 7: When your mind's made up - Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

Act 8: Egyptian revolution shows insanity of Israel's Palestinian policy - The Progressive

Song 8: This land is mine - Dido

Act 9: Palestinian State - Peace with Israel - Young Turks

Song 9: High hopes - Frank Sinatra

Act 10: King Abdullah II of Jordan - Daily Show

Song 10: On a Neck, On a Spit - Grizzly Bear

Act 11: No support in congress for Palestine - Mike Malloy


Just became a member - Shane from Cleveland, OH

Show suggestions: Skeptically speaking - Nick from Knoxville, TN

Canadian elections coming up - Paul from Winnepeg

Call the GOP "fascists" - Mike From Texas

Would I support a primary candidate? - Earl from Nashville, TN

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Ghostwriter - Rjd2

Final comments on the use of Nazi comparisons, name-calling and referrals to Eps # 452 and #456 regarding my take on a potential primary candidate against Obama

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The Killing Tree - Daily Show

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Jay! Tomlinson

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