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Edition #480

The monkey is not a reference to Obama

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Act 1: Federal gov almost shut down over Planned Parenthood - Double X Gabfest from

Song 1: I wish I knew - Years and Years

Act 2: Deficits are sustainable - Majority Report

Song 2: Forever yellow skies - The Cranberries

Act 3: Deficits are unsustainable with Chris Martenson - David Pakman

Song 3: Lone Star - Jim Guthrie

Act 4: President Obama, Chief Negotiator - Citizen Radio

Song 4: Play with fire - The Rolling Stones

Act 5: Obama let's us know how he really feels - Jimmy Dore Show

Song 5: Shuffle your feet - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Act 6: Follow up on Obama the negotiator - Citizen Radio

Song 6: Talented Tailor (Live) - Laura Hocking

Act 7: Embracing the class war - Rachel Maddow


Thoughts on fixing the budget issue - Sean from Atlanta, GA

Asking leniency for Obama re: Gitmo - Pamela from Virginia

Socialism and communism are part of the left in the US - Max from Berkley, CA

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Ghostwriter - Rjd2

Final comments apologizing for failing to properly label an explicit clip from Dan Savage and more thoughts on political rhetoric

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

GOP Cuts Education - Why? - Young Turks

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Jay! Tomlinson

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