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Edition #525

World of Class Warfare 

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Act 1: Warren Buffett vs Wealthy Conservatives - Daily Show Air Date: 8-17-11

Song 1: Class Warfare - Chris Priest

Act 2: Donald Trump Slams Oil Subsidies Because Of Warren Buffet - Young Turks Air Date: 8-17-11

Song 2: The persuaded - Faded Paper Figures

Act 3: The Poors Free Ride Is Over - Daily Show - Air Date: 08-18-11

Song 3: Karma Police - Radiohead

Act 4: What 'Jobs' Really Means - Mumia Abu-Jamal Air Date: 8-22-11

Song 4: Viva la Vida - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 5: After Cheering for Default, Fox Host Laments S&P Downgrade - Media Matters Air Date: 8-8-11

Act 6: Matt Taibbi - Is the SEC covering up Wall Street crimes - Thom Hartman Air Date: 8-19-11

Song 6: Don't look back in anger - Oasis

Act 7: Obama Admin Blocks Bank Investigations - Young Turks Air Date: 8-22-11

Song 7: Damn it feels good to be a gangsta - Geto Boys

Act 8: Michigan locals fight for democracy - Jim Hightower Air Date: 8-29-11

Song 8: Kodachrome - Paul Simon

Act 9: VP Of Making Your Job Harder Given Raise - The Onion

Song 9: Working class hero - Exit Clov

Act 10: Obama's FDR Moment - Slate Magazine

Song 10: Goodnight and go - Imogen Heap

Act 11: Who's King? - Mumia Abu-Jamal Air Date: 8-28-11

Song 11: Fade to Black - Apocalyptica

Act 12: Bill O'Reilly Think He Knows Economics Better Than Economists - Media Matters Air Date: 8-23-11

Act 13: Mad Scientist's Plot Thwarted By Budget Cuts - The Onion

Song 13: The Shag-Adelic Austin Powers Score Medley - George Clinton

Act 14: ALEC's legislative bawdy house - Jim Hightower Air Date: 8-31-11

Song 14: Curl up and die - Relient K

Act 15: Stealing Water From Children And Other Good Business Practices - Lee Camp Air Date 07-20-11


Thoughts on campaign finance reform - Michael From Glenn Bernie

Personal attacks don't have a place in rational discourse - Nick from Santa Clara, CA

Thoughts on how boycotts can be effective + info on bone marrow registry - Cody from Washington

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

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Debtmageddon - Mark Fiore Air Date: 8-10-11

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Jay! Tomlinson

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