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Edition #528

At least the war on the middle class is going well

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Act 1: Warren Buffett  Stop Coddling the Rich, Raise Their Taxes - David Pakman Air Date: 8-16-11

Song 1: The great estates - Freelance Whales

Act 2: Coverage of Buffet's call for higher taxes - Counterspin

Song 2: Give a little bit - Supertramp

Act 3: Warren Buffett a Socialist according to Fox News - Young Turks

Song 3: Melt with you - Modern English

Act 4: The Defeat of Liberalism By Money - The Progressive Air Date: 8-5-11

Song 4: Love will come through - Travis

Act 5: The Truth About The London Riots & Chile Protests - Lee Camp Air Date: 8-18-11

Song 5: The killing moon - Echo & The Bunnymen

Act 6: Job Creators  Give Me A Break - Thom Hartmann Air Date: 8-23-11

Song 6: Beyond the sea - Bobby Darin

Act 7: Poor People Living Well, At Fault For Recession - Jimmy Dore on TYT

Song 7: Wake up - Arcade Fire

Act 8: Pirate Written Up For Dress-Code Violation - The Onion

Song 8: Come sail away - Styx

Act 9: Republican Economic Arsonists - The Progressive Air Date: 8-9-11

Song 9: Beds are burning - Midnight Oil

Act 10: Goldman Sachs CEO Hires Lawyer - Young Turks Air Date: 8-24-11

Song 10: If you've got trouble - The Beatles

Act 11: Challenging the claims of the "Texas miracle" - Counterspin

Song 11: Cattle call - Don Edwards

Act 12: FDR on Labor Day - Jimmy Dore Show

Song 12: We were there - Robin Roberts

Act 13: Clueless support of proposed trade deals - Counterspin

Song 13: Diamond (Remix) - Klint

Act 14: Abandoned Mall Retains Eerie Vestiges Of Fun Shopping Atmosphere - The Onion

Song 14: Empty - The Cranberries

Act 15: Obama's jobs speech/pre-game show - Wait wait don't tell me

Song 15: Turn out the light - Nelly Furtado

Act 16: Obama's Affirmative Case for Government - The Progressive Air Date: 9-9-11

Song 16: Solid Action - The Wes Hollywood Show

Act 17: Wrong-headed anger over unequal benefits - Jimmy Dore Show


Request for show on immigration - Carlos From Chicagoland

Documentaries to recommend - Earl from Nashville, TN

Show from the 11th is super fantastic - Jonathan from Portland

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on my super-creepy email to a progressive Christian and a rule about not scripting submissions for inclusion on the show

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Paybacks a Bitch & New Jersey Gets Downgraded - Daily Show Air Date: 8-18-11

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