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Edition #536

Give me an actual number

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Act 1: Examining the death penalty in the run up to Troy Davis execution - Rachel Maddow

Song 1: Free Troy Davis - The Last Internationale

Act 2: Troy Davis Execution - Young Turks

Song 2: The Hurricane - Bob Dylan

Act 3: The morning after Troy Davis execution - Majority Report

Song 3: Certain death - Brad Sucks

Act 4: Mercy in Short Supply for Troy Davis - The Progressive

Song 4: Mercy - OneRepublic

Act 5: Dave Zirin on the questions he can't unask - Citizen Radio

Song 5: Death penalty - Eight Dayz

Act 6: Troy Davis: Movement Lessons - Mumia Abu-Jamal Air Date: 9-25-11

Song 6: Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song) - Steve Earle

Act 7: Barry Scheck - Troy Davis case - Thom Hartmann  Air Date: 9-22-11

Song 7: Ain't no reason - Brett Dennen

Act 8: Death Penalty Hypocrisy, Troy Davis   Samuel David Crowe  - David Pakman Air Date: 9-27-11

Song 8: Death Penalty - Surrogate

Act 9: Interview with an executioner - Rachel Maddow

Song 9: Great beyond - Aimee Mann

Act 10: Give me an actual number - Matthew Filipowicz Show


Outraged by Troy Davis execution - Ves from North Dakota

Outraged by right wing reaction to Troy Davis execution - Ves from North Dakota

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on why the death penalty is fun

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

California Ending Death Penalty  - Liberal Viewer Air Date 09-12-11

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Jay! Tomlinson

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