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Edition #538

The 99 Percent Wakes Up (Occupy Wall St Part 1)

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Act 1: Congrats to Wall St. Protesters - The Progressive Air Date: 9-27-11

Song 1: Hi - Psapp

Act 2: Irony of Police Attacks on Protestors - Jimmy Dore Air Date: 9-27-11

Song 2: Pumped up kicks - Foster the people

Act 3: World Economy Going to Hell - Dan Carlin Air Date: 9-28-11

Song 3: Eleanor Rigby (Strings only) - The Beatles

Act 4: Fox News Gives Wall Street Protesters the "Fair & Balanced" Treatment - Media Matters Air Date: 10-3-11

Act 5: Keith Olbermann reads first collective statement of Occupy Wall Street - Countdown

Song 5: The times they are a changing - Bob Dylan

Act 6: Protesting is a Privilege? - Majority Report Air Date: 9-28-11

Song 6: Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

Act 7: Fox Host: Tea Party was Organic, Occupy Wall Street is Not - Media Matters Air Date: 10-5-11

Act 8: Michael Moore: We oppose the way our economy is structured - Countdown


Call to action: Come to Occupy Wall St of join at - Curtis from Baltimore

Having just come from Occupy Wall St. - Jake from NY Alt News

The Death Penalty goes against the teachings of the bible - Todd from Washington State

The Rhetoric of Aggitation and Control for Occupy Wall St. protesters - Sherise from NY

Just attended the Occupy Blacksburg rally in Virginia - Pamela from Virginia

Why aren't liberals pointing out the failure of capitalism to solve our problems? - Chuck in Salt Lake City

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

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Errol Louis contextualizes Occupy Wall Street march - Countdown

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Jay! Tomlinson

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