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Edition #540

Echoes of war

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Act 1: Don't Give the President More Warmaking Power - The Progressive Air Date: 9-16-11

Song 1: Heads will roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Act 2: Libya NYT Misinformation - Counterspin Air Date: 8-25-11

Song 2: Banking on a myth - Andrew Bird

Act 3: Drone Strike in Yemen Al Queda Americans - On the Media

Song 3: Daffodil Lament - The Cranberries

Act 4: Libya's vs US culpability on terrorist acts - Counterspin Air Date: 9-01-11

Song 4: I won't share you - The Smiths

Act 5: Not Cheering Obama's Rub Out of Al-Awlaki - The Progressive Air Date: 9-30-11

Song 5: Animal - Neon Trees

Act 6: Ron Paul Right About Terrorism Al Qaeda - Young Turks Air Date: 9-14-11

Song 6: Reach Out Of The Darkness - Friend and lover

Act 7: Area Neighbors Protest Tree-House Acquisition of M-80 Technology - The Onion

Song 7: We car work it out - The Beatles

Act 8: American Prisoners Released in Iran - Majority Report Air Date: 9-28-11

Song 8: Under my skin - Jukebox The Ghost

Act 9: Searching for the Truth - Dan Carlin Air Date: 9-28-11

Song 9: Truth - Vaughan Penn

Act 10: The Afghan War, a Ten-Year Toll - The Progressive Air Date: 10-6-11

Song 10: This is not the end - The Bravery

Act 11: Gap Grows Between Military, Civilians On War - NPR Air Date: 10-6-11

Song 11: War - Goldfinger

Act 12: Jose Padilla Sentencing - Counterspin Air Date: 9-23-11

Song 12: Timeless - Kate Havnevik

Act 13: U.S. Leaves a Trail of Torture - The Progressive Air Date: 10-11-11

Song 13: Loose ends - Imogen Heap

Act 14: Radicalism against Iraqi's - Majority Report Air Date: 9-12-11


Thoughts on using anti-religious clips on the show - Zach from Detroit

Thoughts on genetically modified food and family farms - Len from St. Paul, Minnesota

Call to action - Keystone XL tarsands pipeline - Perry from Green County, IN

Acceptable use of Abu-Jamal - Policeman Jeff from Florida

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on the US ending the war in Iraq

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Declaration of Thingamajig - Mark Fiore Air Date: 7-01-11

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Jay! Tomlinson

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