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Edition #542

Greed is no longer good

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Act 1: Occupy Wall Street Is A Thought Revolution - And It Won't Be Minimized - Lee Camp Air Date: 10-10-11

Song 1: Bathroom girl - Air

Act 2: The Occupation - Mumia Abu-Jamal Air Date: 10-10-11

Song 2: Late Afternoon (Live) - Theo Bard

Act 3: False reporting about Soros connection to Occupy Wall St - Counterspin

Song 3: Run Screaming (Live) - Stockdale and Shapiro

Act 4: Round-table discussion of Occupy Wall St. - Jimmy Dore Air Date: 10-13-11

Song 4: The walls are coming down - Fanfarlo

Act 5: Tom Hayden offers extraordinary insight into evolution of Occupy Wall Street movement - Countdown Air Date: 10-13-11

Song 5: Cat faces - Ugly Casanova

Act 6: The Numbers Behind Occupy Wall Street - Lee Camp Air Date 10-20-11

Song 6: Take me out - Franz Ferdinand

Act 7: This Is the Movement We've Been Waiting For - The Progressive Air Date: 10-14-11

Song 7: I shall not be moved - Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band

Act 8: Round up of Sunday morning news on Occupy Wall St - Counterspin Air Date: 10-13-11

Song 8: Serre-moi - Tryö

Act 9: Obama, Occupy Wall Street, 2012 Campaign - Young Turks Air Date: 10-17-11

Song 9: Never again - Enter the Worship Circle

Act 10: Knee jerks defend Wall Street - Jim Hightower Air Date: 10-17-11

Song 10: United we stand - The Brotherhood of Man

Act 11: Tonight at Liberty Plaza  'The American People Agree with Us' - Michael Moore Air Date: 10-20-11

Song 11: Stand by me - Playing For Change

Act 12: Wall Street Is Dirtier Than Occupy Wall Street - Lee Camp Air Date: 10-17-11

Song 12: Clean up - Ari Herstand

Act 13: OWS-Hating CBC Anchor Destroyed By Chris Hedges - Young Turks Air Date 10-17-11


Write on your car to promote Occupy protests - Amy from Florida

Context for Ted's voicemail - Jay!

Call to action against Keystone XL pipeline in DC - Ted Glick from CCAN

Complaint about me quoting Steve Jobs - Ryan from New York

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on why it's OK to quote anyone and rethinking how to protest corporations

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Jean Ross - Nurses Offer Free Health Care to #OWS - Thom Hartmann Air Date: 10-20-11

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Jay! Tomlinson

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