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Edition #543

The peace process

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Act 1: Obama's Lofty Rhetoric - The Progressive

Song 1: You talk too much - Joe Jones

Act 2: Breakdown of Netanyahu's Appearance in US Congress - Young Turks Air Date: 5-24-11

Song 2: War - Edwin Starr

Act 3: Obama Israeli Palestinian Resolution Statement - Counterspin

Song 3: Ten thousand words - The Avett Brothers

Act 4: Obama Reiterates Comments On Israel's Borders - NPR

Song 4: Come undone - Duran Duran

Act 5: Mel Gibson Launches Rockets Into Israel - The Onion

Song 5: Rocketman - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Act 6: NY Times Subjectivity on Israel - Counterspin Air Date: 7-07-11

Song 6: Sweet lullaby - Deep Forest

Act 7: Losing Our Minds Over Israel - Young Turks

Song 7: Common sense - Justin Mcroberts

Act 8: Suspend U.S. Aid to Israel after Golan Heights Massacre - The Progressive

Song 8: Our hearts are wrong - Jessica Lea Mayfield

Act 9: Gaza Raids, Israeli and US Propaganda - Counterspin Air Date: 8-25-11

Song 9: I go blind - Hootie And The Blowfish

Act 10: Palestine Appoints New Minister Of Rubble And Urban Development - The Onion

Song 10: Back on earth - Ozzy Osbourne

Act 11: Palestine At The U.N.: Nationhood - Mumia Abu-Jamal Air Date: 9-18-11

Song 11: Claire De Lune - Claude Debussy

Act 12: Fox: Obama Set Up UN Vote Just So He Can Veto It - Media Matters

Act 13: Palestine Asks UN for official State Status - The Bugle

Song 13: Run, Freedom Run - Urinetown

Act 14: Obama Wrong About Palestinian State - Young Turks Air Date: 9-22-11

Song 14: These days - Luxury

Act 15: Palestinian Gambit UN efforts - Counterspin Air Date: 9-15-11

Song 15: Void of a legend - Antoniette Costa & Kevin "K.O." Olusola

Act 16: Obama's Shortsighted and Cowardly UN Speech - The Progressive Air Date: 9-21-11

Song 16: Between Love and Hate - The Strokes

Act 17: Netanyahu No Settlement Freeze - Young Turks Air Date: 9-28-11

Song 17: Sandstorm - Darude

Act 18: Palestinian prisoner hyper inflation - The Bugle


Reaction to Troy Davis Death Penalty episode - Joseph from Palo Alto, CA

Arguing for anti-religion episodes - Daniel from CA

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on taking action and

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Obama Meets With Israeli PM Netanyahu - Young Turks

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Jay! Tomlinson

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