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Edition #554

The meaning of life

I'm organizing a monthly Dinner & a Movie event on the north side of Chicago! First event is Dec 13th, check out the details:

Act 1: Right Wing Wants to Occupy Your Womb in Mississippi - Majority Report Air Date: 11-7-11

Song 1: Living in America - James Brown

Act 2: Should Women Flaunt It at Work for Fun - Profit - David Pakman Air Date: 8-30-11

Song 2: Parade - Pretty Girls Make Graves

Act 3: Mississippi's Repressive Initiative 26 - The Progressive Air Date: 11-7-11

Song 3: Girls - The Beastie Boys

Act 4: Lactate Intolerance - Daily Show Air Date: 8-11-11

Song 4: Suffer - Stretford End

Act 5: Mississippi Personhood Crazy Implications - Majority Report Air Date: 11-8-11

Song 5: Complicated - Avril Lavigne

Act 6: NYC Mandating Sex Ed For Students - Young Turks

Song 6: Loser like me - Glee Cast

Act 7: Rise In Teen Sexual Activity Comes As Surprise To Area Teen - The Onion

Song 7: The way I feel is sexual - Amber

Act 8: Let Mississippi be the Petri dish for Right Wing Craziness - Majority Report Air Date: 11-8-11

Song 8: Animal - Miike Snow

Act 9: Gloria Steinem - Colbert Report Air Date: 8-11-11

Song 9: Pretty - The Cranberries

Act 10: Mississippi Votes No on Radical Anti-Choice Contraception Personhood Amendment - David Pakman Air Date: 11-10-11

Song 10: Fantasy - Anya Marina

Act 11: Area Kindergartner Tackles The Shit Out Of Dream Girl - The Onion

Song 11: As long as the grass grows - Randy Wood

Act 12: Satan Wins in Mississippi Personhood Vote - Majority Report Air Date: 11-9-11

Song 12: Stop breaking down - The White Stripes

Act 13: Pregnancy Centers Lying to Women, Tell Jewish Women She Needs to Convert - David Pakman Air Date: 10-27-11


Thoughts on police actions during crowd control - Policeman Jeff from Florida

It's the politicians job to fix the problems - Alex from Texas

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final Comments on how the Occupy Movement is headed towards a horizon rather than a point

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The Word - Shock The Vote GOP - Youth Vote - Colbert Report

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Jay! Tomlinson

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