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Edition #556

Keeping Wall St Occupied 

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Act 1: We are the 0.99 Percent - David Feldman Air Date: 11-18-11

Song 1: Peer Gynt Suite No. 1: Morning - BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra & Einar Steen-Nokleberg

Act 2: Anatomy of an Occupy Wall Street Smear - Majority Report Air Date: 11-3-11

Song 2: Susan - The Exit

Act 3: OWS Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis on his arrest, Part 1 - Countdown Air Date: 11-23-11

Act 4: OWS Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis on his arrest, Part 2 - Countdown Air Date: 11-23-11

Song 4: Candle in the wind (Ben's Song) - Andrew Jackson Jihad

Act 5: Occupy Wall Street Divided - Daily Show Air Date: 11-16-11

Song 5: Class Warfare - Chris Priest

Act 6: Will Occupy Wall Street Affect 2012 Election? Glenn Greenwald Interview - David Pakman Air Date: 11-14-11

Song 6: Anti-Hu - Pinback

Act 7: Whom Do They Represent? - Mumia Abu-Jamal Air Date: 11-21-11

Song 7: Cotton Eyed Joe - Asleep At the Wheel

Act 8: Keep Wall Street Occupied (Part 1) - Ransackedroom on YouTube

Song 8: Lost in the post - The Wombats

Act 9: U.S. Citizens Form Massive Special Disinterest Group - The Onion

Song 9: Don't vote - Cass McCombs

Act 10: Iraq vet Scott Olsen on what he hopes the movement will achieve - Countdown Air Date: 12-2-11

Song 10: Bloodstream - Stateless

Act 11: UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Cop John Pike Anti-Gay Slur Lawsuit - David Pakman Air Date: 11-28-11

Song 11: Sociopath - Anya Marina

Act 12: Walker's War on Free Speech - The Progressive Air Date: 12-6-11

Song 12: Heat of the moment - Asia

Act 13: Occupy Wall Street  Leaked Memo, Banks Plan Attack - Young Turks Air Date: 11-21-11


Looking for more info on Brian from TX - Josh from Dallas, TX

Follow up info in his run for congress in Texas - Brian Ingram from Forth Worth, TX

Thoughts on tackling the casually pepper spraying cop - Ron from outside Philly

Occupying America: The Rest of Us - New project from the producer of the Watch it Burn podcast - Dave Kinser

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Leave a message at 206-202-3410

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final Comments on Dave Kinser, his old podcast and his new project

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Elderly Occupier Pepper Sprayed - Colbert Report

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