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Edition #570

Stop Internet Censorship

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Act 1: Stop Online Piracy Act - Citizen Radio - Air Date: 11-18-11

Song 1: Union Warriors - Robin Roberts

Act 2: Wikipedia Leaves GoDaddy Over Stop Online Piracy Act - Young Turks

Song 2: Wanted - The Cranberries

Act 3: Wikipedia warns students before going dark - Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - Air Date: 1-21-12

Song 3: Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley

Act 4: SOPA Supporter: Our Media Blackout on SOPA is Cool. Your Internet Blackout in Protest of It is not - Majority Report - Air Date: 01-18-12

Song 4: Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins

Act 5: Analysis of the online protest and the future of SOPA - Common Sense Air Date: 1-24-12

Song 5: This is not the end - The Bravery

Act 6: The future of non-physical protests revealed by SOPA blackout day - The Bugle Air Date: 1-20-12

Song 6: Physical - Olivia Newton-John

Act 7: After PIPA: The Promise of Internet Organizing - The Progressive Air Date: 1-20-12

Song 7: Cast no shadow - Oasis

Act 8: Congress never moved so far so fast as with SOPA - Rachel Maddow Air Date: 1-18-12


Thanks for Tim Wise, thoughts on whites working through their white privilege - Elka from Indiana

Personal insights on privilege and thoughts on PETA's new campaign referencing slavery - Alyson from Colorado

The science of African Americans from 1911 - Christopher from Texas

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on Erin Red getting the scoop on white privilege regarding veganism

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SOPA & PIPA - Colbert Report

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Jay! Tomlinson

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