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Edition #573

As we do unto others (Reposted with new voicemails/commentary)

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Act 1: Bush Cancels Trip to Switzerland Over Threat of Torture Arrest - Majority Report Air Date: 12-4-11

Song 1: Vacation - Go Go's

Act 2: Iran Nuclear Scientists Executed With Car Bombs, Shootings - Young Turks Air Date: 1-11-12

Song 2: Not the only one - Hotrod Cadets

Act 3: Iran Scientist Assassinated - Citizen Radio Air Date: 1-1-12

Song 3: Drop dead blues - Anya Marina

Act 4: The Truth About War With Iran - Lee Camp Air Date: 12-21-11

Song 4: Such great heights - The Postal Service

Act 5: U.S. Must Tell Israel Not to Bomb Iran - The Progressive Air Date: 2-3-12

Song 5: I won't back down - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Act 6: Canada's Defense Ministry criticized for ordering 20 000 orange stress balls - The Bugle Air Date: 1-27-12

Song 6: Fear is a villain - Theo Bard

Act 7: Marines Urinate On Dead Bodies In Afghanistan - Young Turks Air Date: 1-12-12

Song 7: War - Goldfinger

Act 8: Urinating on dead Afghanis - History of war - Rob Delaney Commentary - Citizen Radio - Air Date: 1-27-12

Song 8: Legions (War) - Zeo Keating

Act 9: CNN Contributor Applauds Controversial Marine Video - Media Matters Air Date: 1-13-12

Act 10: Republicans boo the "golden rule" when applied to foreign policy - Jimmy Dore Show Air Date: 1-26-12

Song 10: Tonight I have to leave it - Shout out Louds

Act 11: Congress Fights Automatic Defense Spending Cuts - Young Turks Air Date - 1-22-12

Song 11: It's a wonderful life - Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

Act 12: The Greatest Speech Ever Made - Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator


Act 13: Comparing the church to a political party - Morgan from Chicago

Act 14: On changing religious denominations for progressive reasons - Patrick from Dallas

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Act 15: Final comments on why people are complicated and do bad things

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Jay! Tomlinson

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