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Air Date: 7/3/2018

Today we take a look at the movement underway to take back power for progressive ideas in this country from a variety of perspectives all working toward a common goal

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Ch. 1: Plan to engage in civics this year - Sunday Civics - Air Date 1-7-18


Ch. 2: Young Voters and the Progressive Path Forward - Laura Flanders - Air Date 7-3-18


Ch. 3: THE MIDTERMS MINUTE: Support Progressives Primary Candidates: TN (8/2) & KS, MI, MO, OH, WA (8/7) via @latinovictoryus @justicedems @DemSocialists @brandnew535 - Best of the Left Activism


Ch. 4: What Democrats Should Be Focussing on During the Age of Trump - Ring of Fire - Air Date 6-9-18


Ch. 5: DSA at the Ballot Box - The Dig from Jacobin Radio - Air Date 4-18-18


Ch. 6: Working Families' Maurice Mitchell on how outsider power shifts insider politics - Laura Flanders - Air Date 6-7-18


Ch. 7: John Nichols on the political earthquakes in the 2018 primaries - Bradcast - Air Date 6-27-18


Ch. 8: Final comments on the history of and solution to the non-vote protest



Check on candidates endorsed by Justice Democrats| Brand New Congress | DSA| Latino Victory | Our Revolution

Check your state deadlines and voter ID laws with

August 2nd Primaries:

Tennessee(Reg. Deadlines: Primaries: July 3rd/ General: Oct. 9th)

U.S. House - 2nd District: Marc Whitmire 

U.S. House - 3rd District: Dr. Danielle Mitchell

Heads Up! General Nov. 6th: (Senate) Dem Candidate is Phill Bedesen (moderate) 

August 7th Primaries:

Kansas (Reg. Deadlines: Primaries: July 17th/ General: Oct. 16th)

U.S. House - 3rd District: Brent Welder

U.S. House - 4th District: James Thompson 

Missouri (Reg. Deadlines: Primaries: July 11th/ General: Oct. 10th)

U.S. House - 1st District: Cori Bush

Heads Up! General Nov. 6th: (Senate) Dem Candidate is Clair McCaskill (moderate) 

Michigan (Reg. Deadlines: Primaries: July 9th / General: Oct. 9th)

Governor Dem Primary: Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (Justice Democrat)

5 U.S. House Candidates: Check Justice Democrats| Brand New Congress

Washington (Reg. Deadlines: Primaries: Only July 9th; In person July 30th / General: Oct 8th)

3 U.S. House Candidates: Check Justice Democrats| Brand New Congress

Ohio (Reg. Deadlines: Primaries: July 9th / Early voting starts July 10th)

Special Election: U.S. House - 12th District: Danny O’Connor (Democrat) 


Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 




Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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