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Air Date: 10/19/2018

Today we take a look at the Koch brothers and the movement they spawned to better understand exactly how to fight back

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Ch. 1: Jane Mayer on the positive vision the Kochs paint - The Ezra Klein Show - Air Date 6-3-18

Jane Mayer explains how we need to fight the Koch brothers by understanding that their policy ideas go far beyond greed and need to be taken seriously

Ch. 2: Jane Mayer on the family dynamics behind the Koch legacy - @InDeepRadio w @AngieCoiro - Air Date 3-23-18

Jane Mayer on the Koch brothers’ takeover of Republican Party politics

Ch. 3: Nancy MacLean on the libertarian movement from James Buchanan to the Kochs - Jacobin Radio (@jacobinmag) - Air Date 6-4-18

Democracy in Chains details the anti-democratic origins and trajectory of free market fundamentalist, Koch Brothers-aligned economists who have come to profoundly shape and warp American politics to fit their dystopian vision.

Ch. 4: THE MIDTERMS MINUTE- Help Flip Toss Up Battleground House Races in IA, KS, KY, ME, MI & NM! - Best of the Left Activism

Take action! Click the title and/or scroll down for quick links and resources from this segment.

Ch. 5: Supreme Court Forces Dark Money Disclosures - @DavidPakmanShow - Air Date 9-23-18

The Supreme Court denies a stay in a dark money decision, effectively forcing campaigns to disclose the identity of all contributors who donate more than $200 in a year

Ch. 6: Campaign Finance at a Crossroads - On the Media - Air Date 9-28-18

Michelle Ye Hee Lee, a national reporter for the Washington Post, describes to Bob the multiple pathways for high-rolling donors going forward, and the obstacles that may delay or weaken court-ordered disclosure policies.

Ch. 7: What It REALLY Means To Call For An Article V Convention. Prof. Larry Lessig - The Young Turks - Air Date 8-24-18

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig gives a lesson on what it really means to call for an Article V Convention and why it’s the logical path to address money’s corrupting influence in politics.



Ch. 10: What we call socialism - Francisco from Northampton, MA

Ch. 11: Death with Dignity needs to be a national law - Stacy from San Francisco Bay Area


Ch. 12: Final comments asking about the pro-choice litmus test





Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 




Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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