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Air Date: 4/30/2019

Today we take a look at just the economic side of immigration including the effects from low-skilled immigrants and high-skilled immigrants and then look at an alternative vision for how we should debate the issue from the left

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Ch. 1: Immigration Economics with Jennifer Hunt - Science Vs - Air Date 3-9-17

What happens when low skilled labor is removed from areas that need it? And Jennifer Hunt talks when immigrants and native-born actually do fight over the same jobs.

Ch. 2: Kara Miller, Petra Moser and Jennifer Hunt discuss Immigration and innovation - Innovation Hub - Air Date 2-3-17

Has anyone tried to measure how much immigrants have advanced the US. Immigrants bring innovation to people. Keeping students out will hurt our science advantage worldwide.

Ch. 3: The economics of immigration - BEME News - Louis Foglia - Air Date 10-11-18

It's assumed that Americans are hurt by immigration, but that isn't the right conversation. Immigrants help create a bigger economic pie, more innovation and more skills.

Ch. 4: Cardiff and Jennifer Hunt discuss Immigrants relationships in the Labor Force - FT Alphachat - Air Date 9-15-17

Immigrants percentage of the workforce has remained flat, and the U.S. is in the middle worldwide for immigrant increases. In most cases, immigrants take the jobs that need to be taken.

Ch. 5: Trump's 4 Biggest Immigration Myths - Robert Reich - Air Date 10-19-15

Robert Reich debunks Donald Trump's dangerous lies about immigration.

Ch. 6: The Immigration Issue and Capitalism - Economic Update with Richard Wolff - Air Date 10-15-18

Brexit, Trump, Italy and Sweden are all being conned by the myths of immigration hate. Capitalism is the truer villain.


Ch. 7: Comparing liberalism and progressivism - Zach from Georgia


Ch. 8: Final comments asking for your thoughts on the primary race so far and Biden’s entrance into the White Guy candidate category

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