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Air Date: 8/20/2019

Today we take a look at the El Paso and Dayton shootings by connecting the dots between white supremacy, misogyny, privilege and power

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Ch. 1: El Paso and Dayton and White Supremacy - Democracy Now - Air Date 8-5-19

Trump's words are having deadly consequences. El Paso and Dayton are white nationalist terrorism and misogyny.

Ch. 2: Domestic Terrorism in El Paso with Bob Moore - In The Thick - Air Date 8-6-19

The El Paso and Dayton shootings are being supported by their communities. Trump and the FBI don't address white terrorism.

Ch. 3: Never-ending Gun Violence - Bradcastwith Brad Friedman - Air Date 8-5-19

Brad discusses the mass shootings and the politicians who prevent any action from being taken

Ch. 4: The Past and Present of Gun Control - The Takeaway - Air Date 8-9-19

Amy discusses the mass murders in Dayton and El Paso with congress members.

Ch. 5: Solutions to Mass Shootings Involve Surrendering Civil Liberties and More Guns - All In with Chris Hayes - Air Date 8-7-19

Chris discusses the shootings, Trump, 8chan, white supremacy and trauma.

Ch. 6: The Danger of Linking Mental Illness to Mass Shootings - The Takeaway - Air Date 8-7-19

Trump is parroting conservative talking points about video games and mental health in response to the mass shootings.

Ch. 7: Physical and Psychological Toll of Surviving a Mass Shooting - The Takeaway - Air Date 8-6-19

Survivors of shootings suffer massive trauma. The Dept of Justice doesn't fight white supremacy.

Ch. 8: 8chan Down with Dale Beran - Doomed with Matt Binder - Air Date 8-9-19

Matt discusses 8chan with Dale Beran, and the radicalization of white men on the internet.

Ch. 9: White Cowards Cites Native Mistake In Manifesto - Lets Talk Native with John Kane - Air Date 8-6-19

John Kane discusses the cowardice of the white terrorists and the history of white supremacy against indigenous people and people of color.


Ch. 10: Final comments on recent and future activism fighting for critical gun laws


Call on the Senate to Pass HR8: Text the word CHECKS to 644-33

Tell Walmart to stop selling guns & violent apparel:

Encourage all presidential candidates to participate in the Presidential Forum on Gun Safety on Oct. 2nd in Las Vegas

Spread the word about ¬°YA BASTA! Latinos Rise Against Gun Violence and Hatetour in Texas

Spread the word about High School Voter Registration Week - September 23-27th

Researched & written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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